"Total pandemonium. The people around us are shooting, laughing, and gesticulating. Our replies are sighs of love, volleys of hiccups, poems, moos, and miaowing of medieval Bruitists [literally noise-makers]. Tzara is wiggling his behind like the belly of an Oriental dancer. Janco is playing an invisible violin and bowing and scraping. Madam Hennings, with a Madonna face, is doing the splits. Huelsenbeck is banging away nonstop on the great drum, with Ball accompanying him on the piano as a pale chalky ghost. We are given the honorary title of Nihilists."
Hans Arp

Ball as the "Magical Bishop"

"[The Dadaist] suffers from the dissonances [of the world] to the point of self-disintegration...

People act as if nothing had happened, [as if] civilized carnage [were] a triumph.”

Hugo Ball